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Imprezza is absolutely simple to use and operate.



“We wanted to get our patient input in real-time. Website was not an option as very few people would take extra effort to go online. Imprezza is absolutely simple to use and operate. Our patients make simple selections – no navigation or data entry required. Admin just powers up the tablet – no training required. I can create any number of survey cards and enter the questions without any IT help. I log into the management portal and see the results for any selected duration from anywhere instantaneously  I love to read the patient comments and suggestions. It is certainly an excellent purpose built product that helps me to know and improve my patient experience. Thanks a ton for the excellent support with this great product.”

Dr. Pushpak Patel
North Field Ortho


banaBANA Executive Committee

13703 Teal Shore Court

Houston TX 77077

“We organize four-day events in different cities across the country every two years. Attendees always have opinion how best to run the organization, provide feedback on the event experience and finally a forum to provide comments when they are still at the conference. We were able to include questions raised at the meeting just few minutes earlier. Adding any type of question was very simple – their system took care of nice rendering on the tablet. Five 7” Imprezza tablets were passed around to cover nearly 300 attendees under 2 hours at Royal Sonesta.  Attendees enjoyed the simple tablet interaction and response was nearly 100%.

Our management team was very pleased with the instantaneous feedback and terrific comments from the attendees viewable on the secure login portal. We could simply copy and paste the pie charts for slide show and publications.  Attendees liked the absolutely simple tablet interface – they just had to make selections. Imprezza has provided us great insight to make our event even more enjoyable in the future. We highly recommend Imprezza to all conference events.”

Executive Team, BANA 2013 Organizing Committee
BANA 2013, Houston

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