High Quality High Volume Onsite Feedback

Imprezza is absolutely simple to use and operate.


Our tablet/Smartphone based customer experience management system is called Imprezza. It is designed for use at most multi-location retail operations. Customers provide feedback through our pre-configured tablet/Smartphone. Surveys are created using any PC/Apple computer by logging into their secure account. Our premium platform allows you to create surveys by just typing the text, without the need for any IT help. Your management team can view analysis and graphical results by logging into the secure management account from anywhere without the need for any manual steps.

Instantaneous high quality and high volume customer feedback is critical to know your customer experience across locations and take timely corrective actions if required. Comment cards, email or online approach do not provide high quality, high volume of customer feedback data needed to take such critical management actions. None of the current approach provides instantaneous customer feedback.



Customer will provide high quality and high volume of feedback if the process is made quick, simple and fun. Once customers gets home, providing feedback is perhaps the last thing on their mind. They need to get on their computer, remember and type the link and provide the location etc. Most customers would like to stay anonymous when providing the feedback. All current approach suffer from customer traceability issue. Instantaneous feedback data is required to directly correlate the customer experience to the onsite event at that time. Online and email survey approach is not simple – require some computer navigation to complete the survey.


  • Simple, quick and fun
  • It ‘s absolutely simple to use and operate
  • Uses pre-configured tablet/Smartphone
  • Enhance the onsite customer experience by actionable events
  • Create healthy competition among locations
  • Offer random rewards to incentivize customer loyalty
  • Instantaneous feedback for product launching
  • High customer response rate – 80% to 90%
  • Customer privacy respected – anonymous


Our solution is based on using pre-configured tablet/Smartphone for customer interaction and a highly secure login website for creating and visualizing the customer feedback results – using PC or Apple computer. Our design does not require customer to use any computer navigations. Customer feedback can be visualized instantaneously on the login website. Customer makes just selections – that is it. Survey can be created under 2 minutes and the customer can complete a survey well under a minute.

We offer random onsite reward scheme as well. This creates customer excitement at a small cost and generates great marketing buzz. Customer can pick up the reward onsite as announced during the survey completion. You set the reward budget and select the reward items.

Our IntelliProbe feature allows you to build powerful dynamic survey without any IT help – it’s based on simple GUI. Such dynamic survey can tremendously reduce the time to complete the survey.