High Quality High Volume Onsite Feedback

Imprezza is absolutely simple to use and operate.


Thank you for your interest in Imprezza. It shows that you not only care for excellent customer experience but the company management has  invested in a medium for simple, quick and pleasant customer engagement. This is critical for maintaining high level of customer experience at your retail operations.

Imprezza is a new paradigm in onsite experience management. Imprezza is purpose built from the ground up to provide simple but powerful solution platform in customer experience management. It is specifically designed for medium to high-end multi-location retail operation.

Imprezza offers a simple intuitive interface for quick onsite customer feedback – all in less than a fraction of a minute. Domain experts in the customer experience management agree that customer experience is best-captured onsite. The built-in function tabs  in the web management portal are ready to use out of the box. It is simple yet powerful enough to provide high-level of customization.

We offer several service levels to match your management team goal. At the highest service level,  we work with the management team to deliver periodic reports in quality metrics in customer experience.  We will work with you and your team 24/7, from test pilot runs to multi-location deployment.

We continuously strive to make Imprezza even simpler and fun to to use and operate based on client feedback and our product  road-map.

Warmest regards.
Shivram Shetty
Founder, CEO Starburst Business Technologies, Inc.
Jefferson Office Park, North Andover. MA 01845
888.863.6961 | www.starburstBT.com


Management Team

Shivram Shetty
– Founder and CEO
Worked at several start-ups as a key member of the engineering team before joining PictureTel as a founding member of the engineering management team. Leading a large systems architect team, contributed to several video conferencing product standards to IETF. As the director of R&D and product management for two product lines at PictureTel, grossed nearly billion-dollar revenue over a decade. Gartner termed the product – mission critical in reliability. As a senior VP of systems architecture and engineering management consultant he has been highly successful  in building complex real-time communications products. Shivram has contributed several original designs/architectures  in building innovative real-time multi-tasking communication systems. Shivram has a BS in computer engineering, MS in computer science and PhD candidate from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Advisory Team

Christian Stredicke
Christian Stredicke is the founder and former CEO of snom, the leading developer of VoIP phones. He founded the company in 1996 and since then successfully guided the company and the products.Together with startup team at snom, Christian was one of the first to build a VoIP phone using SIP. Since then, he has been responsible for the development of VoIP phones and the accompanying server software, including the snom 4S and the pbxnsip software. Christian is passionate about innovating new products; his pet projects include IPv6 and home automation. Christian studied computer science, business management and received a doctoral degree in electrical engineering.