High Quality High Volume Onsite Feedback

Imprezza is absolutely simple to use and operate.


Quick Guide

This guide describes how to install Imprezza system, create a session (survey card), add phrases to the session, get customer inputs for analysis and the graphic renditions. Only the basic essential functions are described here to bring you up to speed.

System Configuration

When you order an Imprezza system, a client account is created with username and password. User name and password are required to log into your management portal. Each location needs a controller ID. Starburst creates and updates controller IDs for the account.  Each controller is configured with unique ID and you can give it a name – like Main Street, West Street etc. Each controller can support up to five Imprezza tablets. In a large operation a physical location can have many controller IDs. Each of the  Imprezza tablet is called node, can be given a name like front, back etc for easy identification.


7 inch Imprezza tablet is mailed fully configured – no apk downloads. All it needs is a WiFi connection to your WiFi router. Select your network, enter the password and power-cycle. It will land on the START button page – the beginning of the active session (survey). The screen lock is automatically removed. Keep the tablet on the charger when not used.

Customer Input

Imprezza tablet is designed with utmost simplicity in mind for its customers. Customer needs to just make selection – no computer navigation.

Phrase Data Types

In order to intelligently analyze the customer feedback, phrases are assigned data types. Imprezza supports the following data types – Quality, Multiple Choice, Volume, Agree/Disagree, Yes/No/Other and info-text. Quality phrase  can be belong to one of the following categories – product, service, environment, friendliness or overall experience. Only the quality phrases are used in analysis, big picture and plot pages. Chart page can be used to review the result for any phrase type. Info-text type phrase is displayed for customer for subsequent actions – it does not solicit input.

Log into Your Account

The client management portal is secured by a user name and password. Create a shortcut on your desktop called StarburstBT. The URL for the client portal is www.starburstbt.com/console2/ .Click on the shortcut; enter the username and password that is provided during configuration. This brings you up to the client management portal. You will see the following tabs on the opening page of the website –


Create Session

The basic entity in Imprezza is a session, which is essentially a phrase list. Create a session (survey card) and give it a name for later recall. To create a session select the  Sessions tab. For now always select Quick session.

Build Phrase List

Here you enter the survey questions into the session you created. You can modify other existing sessions as well. Select the quick session, and pick the session by name. Once session is selected for editing you can add phrases and configure data type. Click on the Phrase tab. Choose the session you like to edit by selecting the session type and picking the named session for editing – adding phrases. If a session is already active it will be highlighted. Select edit session. This allows you to add, delete and modify phrases. Save phrase and save session. You can always browse a session without the fear of altering, as long as you don’t save the changes.

Checking core phrase check box will dispense that phrase first to every customer even when a long phrase list is divided into small rotating blocks using rotate feature.

Activate Session

Imprezza allows you create many sessions – phrase lists or survey cards. You can decide which session should be active on what node, like – front, back on the controllers.  In most cases all the nodes will run the same session. Node operation is uniform across each numbered node on all controllers under an account.

Click on Sessions tab and select Activate Session. Select the session type and choose a session you like to activate. Now check mark the nodes (they are shown by name) on which you want to run the selected session. The phrases from this session will be shown one by one on the selected Imprezza.

Analysis – Big Picture – Plots

Only quality type phrases are used under these tabs. Big picture is applicable only for multi-location accounts.  Only the customer feedback from quality type of phrases is aggregated for analysis and plotting.

Clicking on the Analysis tab will show the average experience in 1-5 scale. It will also show components of experience in terms of product, service, environment, friendliness or direct experience input. The tab will further show the top rated phrases and bottom rated phrases for quick management action for the chosen duration.

Clicking on the Big Picture tab shows how the dozens of your retail locations are performing in terms of quality. You will see top performing locations and bottom performing locations for promoting healthy competition.

Clicking on the Plots tab brings up the real-time plots of average customer experience at selected locations. You select the locations by name and set the duration from the calendar to probe the quality over any period.


Most often pie chart is used for analyzing market research data. Click on the Charts tab. Select the session type and pick the session by name. Now you can render phrase of your choice in pie chart.

Pie chart offer unlimited color selection options for each piece of the pie and few design choice as well like 2D/3D. You can also render the chart in the shape of columns if you prefer. The charts will show the percentage values and number of responses received for the campaign. The Template sub-tab under Sessions tab allows you to customize the legends for various data types.


Everybody likes the excitement of winning. Imprezza has a option to offer your customer random rewards within the budgeted amount that creates an onsite marketing buzz. Click on the Rewards tab. Enter your monthly budget for rewards. Rewards can be discount coupons with expiration or priced items as planned by your marketing team. Enter the reward item names and their cost to you – so that system can keep tab on your reward budget. There are few reward distribution policy to choose from like – random or every nth customer.


Imprezza not only helps to identify serious customer experience issues but also provides a systematic way to assign resource, recommend fix leading to system verification. The purpose of this function is to see at a glance what state each of the serious issues is. A phrase becomes an issue when the phrase has exceeded configured threshold of bad customer rating over  a month – average is below 2.5 out of 5. The color-coding of the issues helps the management the status of the issues at a glance and it’s resolution.


This tab has several sub-tabs for remotely controlling, configuring and viewing the health of the nodes installed under your account.


You can see the comments, email address and phone number here. You can categorize the comments and export it as an excel spread sheet. If the comments is categorized as praise, such comments will be available in Imprezza feed.

Imprezza Feed

Imprezza feed is provided for your back-end processing. You can get the quality metrics and the list of comments categorized as praise. The comments can be shown in the client website as scrolling text for example.