As a multi-location company executive, you are serious about maintaining excellent customer experience. However, does your current survey system capture -

high Quality,
high Volume

customer feedback


"Excellent customer experience can generate millions in additional revenue" Forrester Research

Our system is designed for absolute simplicity in – customer interface, deployment and operation. Helps the management to identify customer experience issues for real-time fix.


We develop premium customer experience management system


It’s not complicated, It is absolutely simple to use and operate


Create, activate surveys to view customer feedback instantly


View analysis, plot, chart, comments securely from anywhere


Create onsite excitement & marketing buzz with rewards scheme


Our rich customizable platform does not need any IT help


Create corporate experience policy using quality attributes


Identify experience hotspots quickly using painted view


We offer a premium tablet based system for simple quick customer feedback capture onsite. Highly secure login management portal allows quick survey creation and visualization of the analytics. The survey results are shown as - analysis, big picture, comments, charts and graphs. It's not just another tedious digital survey form. Checkout our tablet screenshots on the product tab!

High quality and high volume is assured as the survey is brought to the customer, it's anonymous and they just make selections - by improving customer comfort.

Additional Benefits
  • Color coded buttons to improve customer comfort
  • No download or configuration required
  • No IT help or staff training required
  • Corporate metrics table and visualization in color
  • Designed for multi-location operation
  • Rewards scheme for onsite excitement
  • Functions to minimize customer monotony
  • Highly customizable