High Quality High Volume Onsite Feedback

Imprezza is absolutely simple to use and operate.

Cost of Onsite Experience Management (customer feedback survey) System

The cost of  experience management system consists of cost of the tablet, managing the tablet, staff training, page creation and update – in other words the IT cost. The new Android tablets have brought the cost down. The IT operational cost can be kept low or non-existent if the system is well thought out and purpose built. On such a system management team should be able to type in the questions and review the results using very powerful built-in functions.

Such simplicity is very critical for high rate of adaption by the management team. For the management team, this represents an electronic survey card with all benefits of latest technologies. You also want to find vendors who offer no upfront cost subscription model, to avoid costs involved in sourcing, testing and managing of the tablets. Such system would provide pretested/pre-configured tablets which otherwise would again involve substantial IT operational cost and time. An absolutely simple to operate tablet would  land on the START button  page automatically on power up – this will avoid the need for any staff training.

How can you put a cost on a system that helps management with vital customer experience metrics instantly? However, the total cost of ownership of a well designed system should not  be more than few IT hours per month. Sometimes companies tend to believe that in-house solution can save them money. However in most cases they cannot keep up with the specialized vendors in innovations and reduced cost of R&D.